Introduction GlueView (officially version 2) is a new set of features added to Glue in late 2021. GlueView allows you to preview your game and entities. It also provides editing abilities for instances and Tiled files. Requirements To use GlueView with all features, your project should use the Screen-as-a-Level pattern. This means that your game has[…]

Adding Gum Screens to Glue Screens

Introduction Many games include a Gum screen for every Glue screen. Gum screens can be used for UI such as buttons and textboxes (usually using FlatRedBall.Forms) or can be used for read-only UI such as score and health display. Screens can be added in a variety of ways, depending on the state of your project.[…]

Announcing Glue Wizard

FlatRedBall Glue has always been a program for improving the speed of game development. The latest version includes a wizard which greatly simplifies new project setup. Previously, even as recent as a month ago, setting up a new project with levels, a player entity, collision, and tiled map files could take an experienced FlatRedBall user over[…]

05 – Glue Plugins and MVVM

Introduction The WPF framework can be used with the MVVM (–view–viewmodel) pattern. Glue provides a useful ViewModel class which can be used as the base class for view models in plugins. This tutorial will show you how to use the MVVM pattern to display data. Creating a ViewModel Developers familiar with MVVM can implement view models according[…]

04 – Adding UI to Glue

Introduction Glue plugins can add custom UI to Glue which are hosted in tabs. Tabs can be always visible or in response to events (such as when a file is selected). This tutorial will show how to create a tab that displays information about the selected file. Defining a Control First we will create a[…]

01 – Introduction to Glue Plugins

Introduction The Glue plugin system is a powerful system which allows custom code to be used to control Glue behavior. Plugins can be used to perform almost any type of custom behavior in Glue. Examples of what can be done with plugins include: Adding new tabs with Custom UI. This UI can include text boxes,[…]

Using Farseer in a Glue Project

Introduction This walkthrough shows how to add Farseer to a simple Glue project. We will create a diagonal stack of blocks which will fall and collide against a static surface. This tutorial uses the FlatRedBall desktop engine, which means it uses proper XNA (as opposed to MonoGame). MonoGame projects must use the MonoGame version of[…]