New Starter Project: TownRaiser

Today brings the release our the fourth (and largest) FlatRedBall starter project called TownRaiser, nostalgically named after the SNES classic ActRaiser.

What’s is TownRaiser?

TownRaiser is a RTS/town builder hybrid game. Players can build a town, train troops, and explore the map to fight enemies.

How Can I Play TownRaiser?

Unlike previous starter projects, you can download and run the full TownRaiser game. Just download, unzip, and run the .exe to run the game on your Windows desktop:

Downloading In Glue

You can download TownRaiser in Glue through the File -> New Project menu. It’s fully open source so use it learn about FlatRedBall or to start your own RTS project.

Who Made TownRaiser?

This starter project is the result of a month-long team effort by the following game developers: