New Starter Project: Anfloga

Our latest starter project titled Anfloga is now available for download.

What is Anfloga?

Anfloga is a starter project developed over the course of one month. It’s a story-rich game where you, a submarine pilot, must explore a remote planet to mine crystals, survive, and ultimately discover the secrets of the Anfloga Mining Corporation.

How Can I Get Anfloga?

Like our other starter projects, the Anfloga project is fully available through Glue. The latest release of Glue includes Anfloga as a starter project.

Also, the full source and content can be browsed, forked, and downloaded from Github at the following link:

Anfloga is the first starter project to be fully released as a binary project on

Technology Improvements from Anfloga

Along with serving as a starter project, Anfloga has helped develop and prove numerous new FlatRedBall technologies, including:

  • 2x improvement in .tmx loading speed
  • Support for RenderTarget objects in Glue
  • Support for content project building through Glue, including in response to content changes
  • Layer-specific collision generation from .tmx files
  • Layer + render target behavior improvements (resolution, cleanup)
  • Added Screen.RestartVariables to allow reloading of a screen and preserving state
  • Added Alpha support on sprites that use Modulate
  • Fixed numerous code gen errors with disabled objects.

Since Anfloga focuses on advanced graphics it also serves as an example of how to implement lighting, displacement, and blur. It also can be used as a starting point for creating your own shaders in your game projects.

Who Made Anfloga?