New Starter Project BrakeNeck

Starter projects are a great way to begin your journey as a game developer or to learn about FlatRedBall.

As of today Glue includes a new starter project called BrakeNeck, a top-down endless shooter which can be played by one or two players.

BrakeNeck focuses on a few technologies and patterns:

  • Extensive use of code-driven particles (as opposed to using an Emitter)
  • Gum for UI and HUD
  • Multi-player – a first for FlatRedBall starter projects. This requires two controllers, but of course you can modify the code to use other hardware.
  • Lots of polish! Particles, explosions, shadows, tracks.

Of course, this starter project has also resulted in a huge set of bug fixes and engine improvements in FlatRedBall including:

  • A new GameRandom class in FlatRedBallServices to provide convenient random functions
  • Lots of minor improvements to the workflow of the AnimationEditor, such as bringing selected frames into focus and not showing the movement arrows when in Magic Wand mode.
  • Gum text bug fixes, including a bug where layout didn’t consider font scale and also added support for text objects up to 4096×4096 in size
  • Fixed GlueView bug where sometimes position wouldn’t apply on animated sprites
  • Fixed code generation bug where the order of variable assignments was at times random
  • And much more! For a full list of FRB changes, check out the FlatRedBall Trello board

The starter project can be accessed through Glue’s New Project menu, or you can look at the source directly on github.


Big thanks to profexorgeek (twitter, facebook) for supplying the beautiful art for this game.