New Starter Project: Legend of Dodgeball

Continuing the tradition of month-long starter projects, we’ve released our latest which is titled Legend of Dodgeball.

What is Legend of Dodgeball?

Legend of Dodgeball is a multiplayer (local) coop or competitive sports game. It can be played with up to 4 players, and the AI difficulty can be adjusted to provide a greater challenge.

How Can I Get Legend of Dodgeball

Legend of Dodgeball can be obtained through Glue, appearing in the Starter Projects list.

The project can be browsed and downloaded from Github as well through the following link:

Legend of Dodgeball can also be downloaded for free from Note that the game does require a controller to play:

Technology Improvements from Legend of Dodgeball

Legend of Dodgeball has helped create the FlatRedBall improvements:

  • Added support for Gum objects directly in Glue screens with no Gum screens – either in Glue or code
  • More functions to various FlatRedBall input devices to make abstraction easier
  • Stability improvements in Glue for larger projects, especially when loading projects with sycned projects
  • Better support for Gum objects on FlatRedBall layers (bottom-most and top-most layers)
  • Added new “Or” syntax to IPressableInput

Who made Legend of Dodgeball?

  • Victor Chelaru – Tools and Engine, Game Design
  • Jared Bagley –  AI Design, Core Game Design
  • Devin Guthrie – Programming
  • Sean Kiley – Art and Animation
  • Marc Carlton – Sound Fx
  • Charlie Hoyt – Music