Note: This document covers the old AnimationEditor which has been replaced by the new AnimationEditor. The new AniamtionEditor runs as a standalone tool as well as a plugin in Glue. For more information, see this page.

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Welcome to the Animation Editor – the center of all AnimationEditor knowledge. The AnimationEditor is a tool for creating animations for all FlatRedBall game engines.


The AnimationEditor is an application which is used to create texture animation (AnimationChain files with extension .achx) and animated Sprite skeletons (SpriteRig files with extension .srgx). The AnimationEditor is split into two sides – one for each.


Click here for the AnimationEditor tutorials.


The AnimationEditor is part of the FlatRedBall Development Kit (FRBDK) which can be found in the download section of the FlatRedBall website.



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