Notice: Currently Glue must be compiled from source. These steps have been updated to show how to download and build Glue.


1 – Visual Studio 2019 or Newer

2 – MonoGame for Visual Studio

MonoGame for Visual Studio

3 – .NET Core 3.0.1 for x86

You must have 3.0.1 installed even if you have a newer version installed.

Download Source

1 – FlatRedBall NetStandard branch

2 – Gum (master branch)

Building Glue

To build Glue:

  1. Open Glue at <Git Root Directory>/FlatRedBall/FRBDK/Glue/Glue with All.sln. Note that this includes all plugins as well, so building this will give you a fully-featured Glue.

  2. To rebuild Glue with all plugins, select Build -> Build Solution in Visual Studio. Simply building the Glue project or running Glue will not build all plugins.

  3. Set GlueFormsCore as the StartUp Project

  4. Launch Glue from Visual Studio

  5. Glue should now be running


Having problems opening or running FlatRedBall projects? Check out the Troubleshooting Page.

Advanced Options

Here’s some more options on getting or updating FlatRedBall:

Problems opening Glue projects? Try running a manual XNA installation:

Gum Download