To install FlatRedBall:

  1. Install the XNA Runtimes from

  2. Install MonoGame for Visual Studio

  3. Install the .NET 4.6.0 Developer Pack from here
    (Don’t worry. This will install correctly on newer versions of Windows, like Windows 10.)
  4. Download the FlatRedBall ZIP from
  5. Unzip (extract) the file
  6. Open the folder after it has been extracted
  7. Open the Xna 4 Tools folder
  8. Open Glue.exe

    • If you see the Windows protected your PC message, click More InfoRun Anyway
    • If you get repeated warnings from Windows titled Security scan required, you will want to either move the FRBDK folder to a less restrictive location like your user directory (e.g., C:\{username}\Documents\, where {username} is your Windows username) or tell the security system to ignore the FRBDK folder. The scanning process will significantly slow down the launch of Glue each time.
      Screenshot of Windows Security warning, saying a security scan is required and may take up to 10 seconds

You’re now ready to make games with FlatRedBall. Next, check out the Tutorials section, or continue below to (optionally) set up Visual Studio and XNA.

Installing Visual Studio

FlatRedBall works hand-in-hand with Visual Studio. Although it’s not required, Visual Studio makes it easier to write, maintain, and debug FlatRedBall games.

For more information on installing Visual Studio, see the Visual Studio Minimum Requirements page.

XNA with Visual Studio

To install XNA for Visual Studio (not necessary for new FlatRedBall projects):


Having problems opening or running FlatRedBall projects? Check out the Troubleshooting Page.

Advanced Options

Here’s some more options on getting or updating FlatRedBall:

Problems opening Glue projects? Try running a manual XNA installation:

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