To install FlatRedBall:

  1. Install Angelcode Bitmap Font Generator v 1.13 (this requirement may go away in future versions of FRB):
  2. For Visual Studio 2017:
    1. If you don’t have Visual Studio installed, run the Visual Studio installer for Visual Studio 2017. Community Edition is free.
    2. Check .NET desktop development.
    3. If you intend to make iOS or Android applications, also check Mobile development with .NET.
    4. If you intend to make UWP apps (Windows tablet, phone, Xbox One), also check Universal Windows Platform development

  3. Follow these instructions to enable XNA in Visual Studio 2017:
  4. Download and install the FlatRedBall Installer
  5. Download and install MonoGame

While the installer is running, check out the Tutorials section.

Advanced Options

Here’s some more options on getting or updating FlatRedBall:

Problems opening Glue projects? Try running a manual XNA installation:

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