FRB + Xamarin on iOS and Android are now free!

Today is a great day for all indie developers – Microsoft just announced that Xamarin subscriptions are now free! You can develop games for iOS and Android without paying for a license. Click here to download the latest version of Visual Studio with Xamarin: There’s never been a better (and cheaper) time to develop[…]

Chat Needs You!

For a long time FlatRedBall has had an awesome, active community of game developers and programmers in our live chat system. However, keeping the chat integrated and working through site updates as well as keeping it spam free was a challenge. We’re trying something new. We invite you to try our new “Gitter” chat system,[…] Gets an Upgrade

Notice anything different? web technology is getting an overhaul. The FlatRedBall team has been battling spam, bugs, usability issues and other problems with our website forever. In the past we used a large collection of free software to power forums, chat, blogs and more. But the time required to maintain our web tech constantly[…]