Introduction The CreateNew function is used to create a new instance of the Entity corresponding to the calling factory. In simple cases, the only requirement is simply calling this method an a new instance will be created and available for use in your code. For information on CreateNew in the context of a tutorial, see[…]


Introduction The PooledByFactory property on Entities tells Glue that the Factory for the given Entity should perform pooling. For this property to appear, an Entity must have its CreatedByOtherEntities property set to true. More information on CreatedByOtherEntities can be found here. What is pooling? In programming a “pool” of objects is a group of objects[…]

Entities Created by Other Entities

Introduction One of the most important concepts in programming (and using Glue) is exposing and limiting access to object properties and methods appropriately. If you expose too much, then you risk a complex interface, create dependencies which make reuse difficult, eliminate the option of encouraging best practices through interface, and clutter up your auto-complete functionality[…]