Introduction ManagedInvisible Sprites are Sprites which the SpriteManager performs every-frame updates on them (such as applying Velocity, Acceleration, and attachment logic). These Sprites are not drawn by the engine. For more information on managed invisible Sprites, see the AddManagedInvisibleSprite method. When to use ConvertToManagedInvisible The most common way of creating managed invisible Sprites is to[…]


Introduction The AddSprite function is one of the most common functions in FlatRedBall. The AddSprite function adds a Sprite instance to the SpriteManager. It can also create new Sprite instances depending on which overload is called. AddSprite Signatures public static Sprite AddSprite(string texture) public static Sprite AddSprite(AnimationChainList animationChainList) public static Sprite AddSprite(AnimationChain animationChain) public static[…]


Introduction Although the feature set for FlatRedBall is rapidly expanding, it is impossible for the engine to handle every graphical possibility. DrawableBatches are a solution to this problem as they allow custom rendering in the engine. A DrawableBatch is a class that implements the IDrawableBatch interface, which allows user-specified rendering through XNA/MonoGame. For a full[…]


Introduction Layers can be used to control the order of visual objects on screen. Typically objects with a larger Z value will appear behind objects with smaller Z values, but this relationship is only true if the objects are on the same layer. Layers take priority over the Z value of objects when performing rendering.[…]