Introduction The GetPositionAtLengthAlongSpline method can be used to determine a position along the Spline after having traveled a certain distance. When is this method used? Splines are used to define the path that an object moves along. Splines define both a curved path to follow as well as the velocities at each point. Therefore, when[…]

SplineList (.splx)

Introduction The .splx file format is an XML file that stores a list of Splines. For more information on using Splines in code, see the Spline page. Adding a SplineList file to Glue To add a new SplineList file: Create a Screen or Entity which will contain the SplineList file Right-click on the Files item[…]


Introduction A Spline is a curved path that you can use to create curved motion. Splines can be created in code or in tools like the SplineEditor. The default file format for a spline is .splx. Creating a Spline in code The following example instantiates a Spline, adds four points, calculates the velocity and acceleration[…]