SpriteEditor:Tutorials:Sprite Grids

Introduction SpriteGrids are objects which allow you to quickly define groups of tiled Sprites. SpriteGrids are often used as tile maps, but can also be used in other situations to create Sprites, such as platformer games. The TileEditor makes extensive use of SpriteGrids, but the SpriteEditor also supports viewing and editing them. Creating a SpriteGrid[…]

Glue:Tutorials:Using Layers

Introduction Layers are a very common object in FlatRedBall, especially when dealing with UI and HUD. If you’re not familiar with these terms we’ll define them first, because we will use them in the rest of the tutorial: UI – this stands for “user interface”. In FlatRedBall we generally use UI to refer to buttons,[…]

FlatRedBall.Scene:Setting Camera

Introduction If you have worked with the SpriteEditor then you may have noticed that Scenes in the SpriteEditor may not look the same in your game as they do in the SpriteEditor. This is usually the case if you have moved the Camera in the SpriteEditor scene or if you have re-sized the SpriteEditor window.[…]

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Welcome to the Sprite Editor. Here is where you can find out everything you wanted to know about the SpriteEditor. Further Information: Animation Editor AI Editor Particle Editor Polygon Editor Spline Editor Sprite Editor Subsections About Download – Included in the FRB Installer Tutorials Reference