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Introduction SpriteGrids are objects which allow you to quickly define groups of tiled Sprites. SpriteGrids are often used as tile maps, but can also be used in other situations to create Sprites, such as platformer games. The TileEditor makes extensive use of SpriteGrids, but the SpriteEditor also supports viewing and editing them. Creating a SpriteGrid[…]


Introduction SpriteGrids are useful for creating tiled graphics including tile maps. Creating a SpriteGrid The following steps outline how to create a SpriteGrid. Create a Sprite. With the Sprite selected, click the “Convert to SpriteGrid” button in the Tools window. Select the Grid Plane, Grid Spacing, and bounds for the SpriteGrid. Press Ok

SpriteEditor:Sprite:Z Buffered

Introduction Z Buffered Sprites can intersect with each other and appear to overlap appropriately. Unlike the default sorting mode (ordered sorting), Z Buffered Sprites will sort on a per-pixel basis. Enabling Z Buffered Sorting Under the Basic category Sprites can be set to be ordered by “Distance From Camera” or “ZBuffered”

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Welcome to the Sprite Editor. Here is where you can find out everything you wanted to know about the SpriteEditor. Further Information: Animation Editor AI Editor Particle Editor Polygon Editor Spline Editor Sprite Editor Subsections About Download – Included in the FRB Installer Tutorials Reference

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The Menu Strip contains all of the available Menu commands that can be used in the SpriteEditor. Click on one of the links below to see what each menu contains: SpriteEditor:File SpriteEditor:Add SpriteEditor:Window

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Camera Control Key Action Notes Up Arrow Moves the camera along the positive Y axis Down Arrow Moves the camera along the negative Y axis Right Arrow Moves the camera along the positive X axis Left Arrow Moves the camera along the negative X axis General Hotkeys Key Action Notes C Toggles coordinate display Displays[…]