Introduction The SoundEffectInstance is a copy of a SoundEffect which can be played on its own. Each SoundEffectInstance can only be played once at a time. Therefore if two sounds must overlap, then two SoundEffectInstances are needed. By contrast, calling SoundEffect.Play multiple times will result in overlapping sounds. Although the SoundEffectInstance requires multiple instances for[…]


Introduction FlatRedBall and Glue support development for iOS (iPhone and iPad) through Xamarin’s Mono compiler and MonoGame. Subsections How to create a FlatRedBall iOS project Certificates and Profiles Additional Information If you have a NullReferenceException in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio.OpenALSoundController.Update, and you are playing on the simulator, verify that audio is working properly on your Mac. For information[…]


Introduction The Song class can be used to play music in a game. The easiest way to play a song is through Glue, which requires no code. For more information on Songs in Glue, see this page. Supported File Types Format PC Desktop Android MP3 X X WMA X OGG X (with this codec installed)[…]