Introduction The Play method can be used to play a SoundEffect, optionally specifying the volume to play at. The Play method performs the following additional logic: It only plays the SoundEffect if AreSoundEffectsEnabled is true. It checks if the SoundEffect has already been played this frame, preventing the same SoundEffect from playing twice in one[…]


Introduction The SoundEffectInstance is a copy of a SoundEffect which can be played on its own. Each SoundEffectInstance can only be played once at a time. Therefore if two sounds must overlap, then two SoundEffectInstances are needed. By contrast, calling SoundEffect.Play multiple times will result in overlapping sounds. Although the SoundEffectInstance requires multiple instances for[…]


Introduction FlatRedBall and Glue support development for iOS (iPhone and iPad) through Xamarin’s Mono compiler and MonoGame. Subsections How to create a FlatRedBall iOS project Certificates and Profiles Additional Information If you have a NullReferenceException in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio.OpenALSoundController.Update, and you are playing on the simulator, verify that audio is working properly on your Mac. For information[…]

Glue:How To:Play Sounds

Introduction FlatRedBall supports playing sound effects. Sound effects are typically created using .wav files. The following file can be used for testing: Create.wav Adding a SoundEffect to a Screen The following will show you how to add a SoundEffect to a Screen. The same method can be used to add a SoundEffect to an Entity[…]

Wav file (.wav)

Introduction Wav files can be used for sound effects in Glue. Wav files, which are uncompressed, are used because compression can introduce latency (delay before the sound plays). SoundEffect and SoundEffectInstance Glue can use .wav files to create two types of objects: SoundEffect SoundEffectInstance By default .wav files are loaded as a SoundEffect, which is the[…]


Introduction The Song class can be used to play music in a game. The easiest way to play a song is through Glue, which requires no code. For more information on Songs in Glue, see this page. Supported File Types Format PC Desktop Android MP3 X X WMA X OGG X (with this codec installed)[…]