Introduction CSV (comma separated values) is a spreadsheet file format which has extensive support in FlatRedBall and Glue. For information on how to use CSVs in Glue, see the “Using CSVs” article. For more information on how to combine CSVs with Entities, see “How To Combine CSVs with Entities” article. What is a CSV? CSV[…]

Glue:Tutorials:Creating and populating lists

Introduction If you’ve been following the tutorials so far, then you’ve read through the process of adding objects to Screens and Entities. Previous examples have shown how to add a Sprite to an Entity as well as how to add an Entity to a Screen. While this provides a considerable amount of functionality, you will[…]


Introduction The CsvFileManager is a class which provides functionality for working with .csv files. The CSV file format is a simple file format that can be loaded and saved by spreadsheet programs. Glue provides a lot of functionality for working with CSV files. For information on working with CSV and Glue, see the using CSVs[…]