Introduction AnimationChainList files (.achx) files are fully supported by Glue. New AnimationChainList files can be created by right-clicking on Files and selecting Add File->New File. Viewing an AnimationChainList in game AnimationChainLists are ultimately lists of textures and texture coordinates. They must be used on an object to be seen in game. Therefore, if you are[…]


Introduction Represents a list of AnimationChains. This object can be loaded from file and saved to file as well. This object is associated with the .achx file. For information on how to use AnimationChainLists in Glue, see this article. AnimationChains can be displayed by IAnimationChainAnimatables such as Sprites and SpriteFrames. For more information on how[…]


Introduction A “State” represents zero or more variables which can be set at once either in Glue or in code. States have two main purposes: Associating multiple variable states together. For example, a Text box may have its color operation change as well as becoming slightly transparent when disabled. Providing meaning for otherwise-abstract values. For[…]

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Introduction If you’ve been following the tutorials so far, then you’ve read through the process of adding objects to Screens and Entities. Previous examples have shown how to add a Sprite to an Entity as well as how to add an Entity to a Screen. While this provides a considerable amount of functionality, you will[…]