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Introduction The SmoothScrollingContainer is an Entity which can be used to allow objects in your games to scroll kinetically (like the Metro UI in Windows Phone 7). The SmoothScrollingContainer is intended to be used as a base Entity for other Entities in your game. Example: Creating scrolling text This example will show how to create[…]


Introduction The BaseEntity property controls the inheritance of a given Entity. An Entity can inherit from another Entity, or it can inherit from a FlatRedBall type, like Sprite. Inheriting from other Entities For more information on inheriting from Entities, see the Entity Inheritance tutorial. Inheriting from FlatRedBall Types Entities can inherit from FlatRedBall types, such[…]

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Introduction Custom Variables are variables which can be added to a Screen or Entity to be used either in custom or generated code. There are three types of variables: Exposed Tunneled New (custom) Let’s go through each type to show how they work. As a note for content creators, variables are the key to reusing[…]