Copying Projects to Mac using Glue

Introduction This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a FlatRedBall iOS project on the PC then copying it to the Mac. Note that unlike most other FlatRedBall platforms, FlatRedBall iOS requires commercial software and a computer running OSX along with a computer running Windows. Specifically, the requirements are: A computer running Windows.[…]

FlatRedBallXna:Tutorials:Clipping Sprites

Introduction Clipping is the process of removing part of a Sprite from being rendered by defining a rectangular area which will contain the Sprite. This tutorial will show you how to write code to clip Sprites within a rectangle. This form of clipping has some requirements: The Sprite being clipped must not be rotated The[…]


Introduction FlatRedBall supports game development on Android devices. This section will show you how to make FlatRedBall Android games. Prerequisites FlatRedBall Android game development requires a Windows PC just like regular PC game development. Since FlatRedBall requires using the C# programming language, FlatRedBall Android development requires using the Xamarin compiler, which is freely available when[…]