Glue:Reference:Files:Set Created Class:Generate Data Class

Introduction By default CSVs added to Glue will create a matching class in the DataTypes folder of the game project. For example, adding a file EnemyInfo.csv will create a class GameName.DataTypes.EnemyInfo. While this behavior is convenient it is sometimes too restrictive. For example, games may benefit from fully-defining their data classes by hand – even[…]

Set Created Class

Introduction By default Glue creates a new class in the DataTypes namespace for every CSV in your project. For example, consider a game where each enemy can have multiple types of attacks. Each enemy might store the attack information in its own CSV file. In this example the CSV files would be called: SoldierAttackData.csv OgreAttackData.csv[…]

Glue:Reference:Global Content:Setting files at runtime

Introduction All files in GlobalContent have a getter and a setter. This means that you are able to set files at runtime if you would like to update them in custom code. This section will discuss the details of setting files, and why you may want to do this in your projects. Example Scenario Setting[…]