Important This property is no longer supported in newer versions of FlatRedBall as of version 16. Information about file versions can be found in the GLUJ version page. Newer projects should use FlatRedball.Forms for scrolling lists and UI. Introduction The IsScrollableEntityList option on Entities allows for the quick creation of Entities which represent a scrollable[…]

Export Entity

Introduction Screens and Entities can be exported through Glue and later imported. An exported Screen/Entity can be easily transferred to other projects, sent to other developers, or uploaded to to be shared with the community. Exporting a Screen/Entity Once you have a Screen/Entity that you are ready to export, you can: Right-click on the[…]

Glue:GlueVault:Component Pages:SmoothScrollingContainer

Introduction The SmoothScrollingContainer is an Entity which can be used to allow objects in your games to scroll kinetically (like the Metro UI in Windows Phone 7). The SmoothScrollingContainer is intended to be used as a base Entity for other Entities in your game. Example: Creating scrolling text This example will show how to create[…]

Glue View:Layout using Glue View

Introduction Glue View can help you create Entity layouts in Screens, such as when creating UI and HUD screens. Since Glue View will immediately react to changes made to an object’s variables, you can treat it as a real-time editor. Creating a Layout This tutorial will use the a Button Entity which can be found[…]