Camera and Coordinates

Introduction At this point the tutorials have covered placing objects and moving them using Velocity. This tutorial covers the coordinate system of FlatRedBall and shows how camera position can impact how things look. 3D coordinates If using a 3D camera, the coordiantes viewed on screen depend on the Z value. For example, if the Z[…]

Code-only Farseer Introduction

Introduction The Farseer Physics Engine is a physics engine (as the name implies) written in C#. It is directed toward use with XNA and Silverlight, but it can be used with any .NET application. It is a common choice for expanding the physics capabilities of FlatRedBall. General Approach Unfortunately the tutorial support for Farseer (at[…]


Introduction The IScalable interface provides an interface for 2D objects which can be resized. IScalable objects have two properties which control size: ScaleX ScaleY Note: By default, scale has nothing to do with the Texture that an object is displaying. Two objects showing different Textures of different dimensions will be the same size if they[…]