Introduction The Sprite is a flat graphical object which is commonly used in 2D games as well as for particles, HUDs, and UIs in 3D games. The Sprite class inherits from the PositionedObject class. Tutorials Working with Sprites Sprite Scale For information on Scale, see the IScalable wiki entry. To match the on-screen pixel dimensions[…]


Introduction The VerticesForDrawing member that is sometimes used internally by FlatRedBall to draw Sprites. This member can be used to perform custom drawing in IDrawableBatches. When is the VerticesForDrawing member valid? The VerticesForDrawing is used to store vertices for one of two reasons: To prevent every-frame calculation of vertices when it is not needed To[…]


Introduction Although the feature set for FlatRedBall is rapidly expanding, it is impossible for the engine to handle every graphical possibility. DrawableBatches are a solution to this problem as they allow custom rendering in the engine. A DrawableBatch is a class that implements the IDrawableBatch interface, which allows user-specified rendering through XNA/MonoGame. For a full[…]