FlatRedBallXna:Tutorials:Game Overviews

Introduction The Game Overviews section is an area which looks at how games can be implemented using FlatRedBall at a high level. This section will not discuss how to write the code to implement the individual components, nor will it include tutorials on how to use the various tools. Of course, any FlatRedBall terminology in[…]

FlatRedBall.Math.Geometry.Polygon.CollideAgainstMove and Attachments

Introduction Due to the popularity of the Entity pattern, it is very common to have shapes attached to other PositionedObjects. Because of this common setup, all shapes have special behavior in their collision methods to reposition or change the velocity of their TopParent. The Attachment Hierarchy The attachment hierarchy is a collection of IAttachables and[…]

FlatRedBallXna:Tutorials:Instantiating, Loading, and Adding

Introduction If you are familiar with FlatRedBall then you have likely worked with the various managers (such as the SpriteManager) to create FlatRedBall objects. The managers are designed to do most of the work behind the scenes and provide a simplified interface. In certain situations, however, it is important to understand what the manager is[…]


Introduction The PositionedObjectList is an object which can store lists of PositionedObjects. It is the base class of the SpriteList class and is commonly used to store lists of Entities and shapes such as Polygons. The PositionedObjectList inherits from the AttachableList and it establishes two-way relationships with objects that are added to it. Common Usage[…]


Introduction Velocity, another term for movement, is an essential element of nearly all video games. Understanding how to work with velocity is one of the first steps in successfully creating video games. This tutorial will discuss how to use velocity to control the movement of your objects on screen. Frames vs. Continual Motion Similar to[…]


Introduction The PositionedObject is an object which contains properties and functionality for position, rotation, attachment, velocity, acceleration, and instructions. It serves as the base object for common FlatRedBall classes such as the Camera, Sprite, Emitter, and Text objects. The PositionedObject is also the base class of Entities so if you are using Glue you will[…]