Introduction Each Layer can have its own SortType which controls how Sprites, Text, and IDrawableBatches sort. This property allows each Layer to have its own Sort type. By default objects on Layers will be sorted by their Z values – objects with smaller Z values (which are in the distance) will draw behind objects which[…]


<- SpriteManager Introduction The SortYSpritesSecondary performs a sort on all ordered Sprites so that sprites with a larger Y are drawn first. The sorting based off of Y is only done on Sprites which have the same Z value. Therefore, Z takes first priority, then Sprites with the same Z will be sorted so Sprites[…]


Introduction The OrderedSortType property controls how Sprites are ordered when they are drawn. Z Buffered Sprites do not use this property when drawing. The following available options exist: SortType Description None No sorting will be performed. Objects will be drawn in the order that they have been added to the SpriteManager. Z (Default) Objects will[…]


Introduction The Sprite is a flat graphical object which is commonly used in 2D games as well as for particles, HUDs, and UIs in 3D games. The Sprite class inherits from the PositionedObject class. Tutorials Working with Sprites Sprite Scale For information on Scale, see the IScalable wiki entry. To match the on-screen pixel dimensions[…]