Introduction The Camera class inherits from the PositionedObject class, so it can use the AttachTo function. For general information on AttachTo, see the PositionedObject.AttachTo page. Attaching a Camera to another object The simplest way to have the Camera follow an object is to attach the Camera to the object. However, if you do this, you[…]


Introduction The PositionedObject’s Velocity and Acceleration values often dictate the position and movement of a PositionedObject, but sometimes these properties are also used in game code to control other objects. For example, in a physically realistic game if an airplane is flying at a certain speed and fires a bullet, the bullet’s world velocity should[…]


Introduction The Children property contains a list of PositionedObjects which are attached to this. Initially the list is empty, but it is automatically populated when one PositionedObject is attached to another using the AttachTo method. Code Example Add the following using statement: using FlatRedBall.Graphics; Add the following to Initialize after initializing FlatRedBall: // we’ll use[…]