Introduction TileShapeCollection is a class created specifically for tile based collision. Its features include: Very fast collision – it has partitioning built-in. Eliminates snagging – Internally the TileShapeCollection modifies contained AxisAlignedRectangles’ RepositionDirections to eliminate snagging. Full support in the FlatRedBall Editor for initial definition and collision relationships. Simplified syntax – Adding collisions to TileShapeCollection is very[…]


Introduction The CollideAgainstMove is a method which can be used to test whether two Shapes are touching, and if they are to move one or both so that they no longer overlap. CollideAgainstMove also works between all types of shapes. The CollideAgainstMove is a very common method used in games which include solid collision. Sometimes[…]


Introduction The AxisAlignedRectangle is a PositionedObject which is used for unrotated bounding box collision. This is preferred over Polygon collision if Sprites are not rotated due to speed and memory usage considerations. AxisAlignedRectangles share many similarities with the other shape classes (Circle, Line, and Polygon). For general information about shapes, see the ShapeManager wiki entry.[…]