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Introduction All files in GlobalContent have a getter and a setter. This means that you are able to set files at runtime if you would like to update them in custom code. This section will discuss the details of setting files, and why you may want to do this in your projects. Example Scenario Setting[…]


Introduction The RuntimeCsvRepresentation class is a general-purpose class which represents a CSV file. It can be easily created through the CsvFileManager. Loading a RuntimeCsvRepresentation RuntimeCsvRepresentations can be loaded as follows: // Assuming fileName is a valid CSV file: RuntimeCsvRepresentation instance = CsvFileManager.CsvDeserializeToRuntime(fileName); For more information see the CsvFileManager page. RuntimeCsvRepresentation Members FlatRedBall.IO.Csv.RuntimeCsvRepresentation.FromList FlatRedBall.IO.Csv.RuntimeCsvRepresentation.GenerateCsvString Did this[…]

Rows with Lists

Introduction As explained in the main CsvFileManager page, you can easily create CSV files to define data classes such as: public class Car { public string Make; public string Model; public int Horsepower; } But what if you wanted to also include a list of modifications on the car. In other words, something like this:[…]

Using CSVs

Introducing CSV The CSV file format is a very powerful file format which allows for the creation of lists of custom objects. The CSV format is usually used in two situations in Glue: To create lists of objects, such as the position of enemies in a level To create stats and coefficients, such as the[…]


Introduction The CsvFileManager is a class which provides functionality for working with .csv files. The CSV file format is a simple file format that can be loaded and saved by spreadsheet programs. Glue provides a lot of functionality for working with CSV files. For information on working with CSV and Glue, see the using CSVs[…]