Introduction Objects in Screens and Entities can be of type Camera. A Camera object will (by default) represent the main Camera (FlatRedBall.Camera.Main). If an object in an Entity is a Camera, then this will (by default) attach the main Camera to the Entity. If an object in a Screen is a Camera, then this object[…]


Note: The preferred way to access the Camera is through Camera.Main. This page is left here for historical purposes, but may be removed at some point in the future. Use Camera.Main in future code. Introduction The static Camera property in the SpriteManager class represents the main FlatRedBall Camera. This Camera is created automatically when FlatRedBall[…]

01 – Adding FlatRedBall to a MonoGame/XNA Project

Introduction FlatRedBall can be added to any MonoGame/XNA project with only three lines of code. This tutorial describes the process of adding FlatRedBall to a project created from a MonoGame/XNA template. Downloading .dll Files First we’ll download the FlatRedBall .dll files. Note that FlatRedBall provides different files depending on the platform you are targeting. Go[…]


Introduction The Camera encapsulates functionality to simplify and control the display of a FlatRedBall application to the user. The camera controls view position, rotation, field of view, and viewable distance. By default the camera in FlatRedBall XNA looks down the negative Z axis – that is negative Z points away from the camera. Increasing the[…]