Introduction The SetSplitScreenViewport method is a method which can be used to set the viewport (also known as the DestinationRectangle) to a value relative to the current game window. For example, using the SplitScreenViewport.TopHalf as the argument will set the calling Camera’s DestinationRectangle so that it occupies the top-half of the game window regardless of[…]


Introduction The SetResolution method sets the resolution (number of pixels wide and tall) of your game. This method can be called at any time after FlatRedBall is initialized. Code Example The following code resizes the screen to display a resolution of 320X240. FlatRedBallServices.GraphicsOptions.SetResolution(320, 240); Changing Resolutions Resolutions can be changed by calling SetResolution multiple times.[…]


Introduction The Camera encapsulates functionality to simplify and control the display of a FlatRedBall application to the user. The camera controls view position, rotation, and background color. If the Camera is 3D, it can also control, field of view, and viewable distance. By default the camera in FlatRedBall looks down the negative Z axis –[…]