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Inroduction Once you’ve created Screens and Entities, the next step is to define what goes in those Screens and Entities. This is often called “content”. Before we get to how we add content, let’s talk a little bit about what contentis and why it’s so important. Understanding data What exactly is “content”? Content refers to[…]

SpriteEditor:Main Page

Note: The SpriteEditor is no longer supported. It has been replaced by other tools such as Tiled, Gum, and the FlatRedBall Editor. This page is left here for historical reasons. Welcome to the Sprite Editor. Here is where you can find out everything you wanted to know about the SpriteEditor.   Subsections About Download –[…]

PolygonEditor:Main Page

The Polygon Editor is an application which can be used to create XML files which define 2D polygons. These files can be loaded in any FlatRedBall Engine to define triggers and collision maps. Download The PolygonEditor is included in the FlatRedBall Development Kit. Further Information: FlatRedBall Reference Animation Editor AI Editor Model Editor Particle Editor[…]


Introduction AnimationChains represent a series of AnimationFrames which can be used to animate objects which implement the IAnimationChainAnimatable interface such as Sprites. AnimationChains can be created in code, or they can be created using the AnimationEditor. The AnimationEditor is installed when running the FlatRedBall installer which can be found on the downloads page. The IAnimationChainAnimatable[…]