05. Main Ship Behavior

Introduction At this point we have a ship which is visible on Screen, but it doesn’t do anything. This tutorial will add behavior to our MainShip Entity so that it can move, turn, and shoot. Adding Variables The MainShip movement will be to continually move forward at a constant speed, and to give the user[…]

05.Creating the Screen Collision

Introduction So far we have a very simple project with a PlayerBall (which appears as a Circle) which can be moved with a Xbox 360 game pad or the keyboard. This tutorial will cover creating collision for the game. We’ll be using a new FlatRedBall type called AxisAlignedRectangle which can be created through Glue just[…]

03. Creating a Screen

Introduction Screens and Entities are two common concepts in Glue. A Screen represents a container for game content and other Entities. Screens define the flow of your game. Often game developers will create many screens up-front to help them think through a game’s structure. Game play Screen (like the playing Screen in Pong) Splash Screen (like a[…]


Introduction If you’re looking for a jump-start on how to make games with FlatRedBall and Glue, you’ve come to the right place. The following tutorials will walk you through how to make a game called “Beefball”. Beefball is a fast-paced physics based game similar to air-hockey. What are you waiting for, let’s get started! Completed[…]