AnimationEditor Plugin

Introduction The AnimationEditor is a standalone tool, but a plugin also exists which will embed the tool into Glue. The AnimationEditor is a tool which simplifies the creation of AnimationChainList files (.achx files). The AnimationEditor is automatically installed by the FlatRedBall installer. The plugin can be found here. For revision history, click here. AnimationEditor Plugin[…]

Advanced Interpolation Plugin

Introduction The Advanced Interpolation Plugin is a plugin which is designed to simplify advanced interpolation between States. This plugin provides numerous interpolation methods which are applied using the standard InterpolateBetween method provided by Glue. The logic generated by this plugin is available through an overload to the InterpolateToState method. Just like the regular InterpolateToState method,[…]

1. Introduction and Setup

Introduction Gum is an open source, general purpose, platform agnostic UI layout tool. Although Gum itself is not built to be used with any game engine in particular, this tutorial will cover using glue’s Gum plugin to use Gum files in your Glue project. Combining Gum with Glue results in an incredibly fluid UI development[…]

Tutorials:Platformer:Introduction and Setup

Introduction Welcome to the first part of the Platformer tutorial. This kicks off a set of tutorials which will show you how to use Glue to create a platformer. Platformer games are games in which a player typically controls a character in a side-view. This character can usually move horizontally, jump, and fall, although many[…]

ParticleEditor:Tutorials:Introduction to the Particle Editor

Introduction The ParticleEditor plugin for Glue makes it easy to create emitter files (.emix) and add them to your FlatRedBall game. Emitter files can be used to create visual effects requiring multiple sprites. Examples include: Rain Smoke Sparks Debris from explosions Dust What is a particle? In game development a particle is a single element[…]