Introduction Glue supports creating objects of type ShapeCollection. You can create ShapeCollection objects two ways: From a .shcx file. To do this, first you must create a .schx file. For information on creating a ShapeCollection file, see this page. Once you have a ShapeCollection file, you can create an object using the “Entire File” option.[…]

.shcx (File Type)

Introduction The .shcx file format is a ShapeCollection XML file. The .schx file can be used to create ShapeCollections. The .shcx file format can be loaded through Glue, or can be loaded using the FlatRedBall.FlatRedBallServices.Load method. Did this article leave any questions unanswered? Post any question in our forums for a rapid response.


Introduction The ShapeCollectionSave class is a “save” class. Save classes are classes which allow you to load XML files to runtime objects as well as to save data contained in runtime objects to XML files. For more information on Save files, check this article. You do not need to use the ShapeCollectionSave class in most[…]


Introduction The LastMoveCollisionReposition is a property that exists for all Shapes. If using CollisionRelationships, this property is set on any type of collision relationship that moves an object. This includes: Move Collision Bounce Collision Platformer Solid Collision Platformer Cloud Collision If using manual collision calls, this property is set whenever a shape calls CollideAgainstBounce or[…]

FlatRedBall File Types:File and Object Associations

Runtime Object Save Class / SaveContent Class Processor File Type Scene SpriteEditorScene / SpriteEditorSceneContent SceneFileProcessor .scnx EmitterList EmitterSaveList / EmitterSaveContentList EmitterSaveContentList .emix NodeNetwork NodeNetworkSave / NodeNetworkSave NodeNetworkProcessor .nntx PositionedObjectList<Polygon> PolygonSaveList / PolygonSaveList PolygonSaveListProcessor .plylstx AnimationChainList AnimationChainListSave / AnimationChainListSaveContent AnimationChainArrayProcessor .achx ShapeCollection ShapeCollectionSave / ShapeCollectionSave ShapeCollectionProcessor .shcx GuiSkin GuiSkinSave .guisknx InstructionSet .istx

FlatRedBallXna:Tutorials:Custom Files and Content Pipeline:Creating a Runtime Class

Introduction The first class needed in getting custom content in your game is a runtime class. Having a runtime class makes handling your content (especially in a tool) much easier. Our runtime class will be called “Level”. Later, we’ll be creating the other object types necessary for supporting form-file and through content pipeline loading. Level[…]


Introduction The ShapeCollection class is a container for a variety of shapes. The ShapeCollection class is often used for collision maps and to define triggers. ShapeCollections are often loaded from .shcx files created by the PolygonEditor. ShapeCollections are a very common class due to the support of .shcx files in Glue. Accessing Shapes The ShapeCollection[…]