Rock Blaster


Rock Blaster is a top-down Asteroids-like game. The following tutorials introduce a variety of advanced topics. These tutorials continue to advance the concepts and FlatRedBall functionality introduced by Beefball.

Note: RockBlaster contains useful information about how to use the FlatRedBall Editor (also referred to as Glue in these tutorials), but it is a tutorial which was written before many of the current FlatRedBall features were created. Therefore, some of the approaches in this tutorial may not represent the current recommended patterns.

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
  3. Game Skeleton
  4. Main Ship Entity
  5. Main Ship Behavior
  6. Rock Entity
  7. Collision
  8. Rock States
  9. Hud
  10. Multiple Players
  11. Health
  12. Health Part 2
  13. Destroying Entities
  14. Cleaning Up