01 – New Project Setup


We’ll begin with a brand new project in Glue. This tutorial is intended to be for users who have some experience with FlatRedBall.

Specifically, we recommend reading the following tutorials before going through this one:

This tutorial differs a little from the introductory tutorials listed above in a few other ways. First, we’ll be diving deep into a few topics. We won’t just answer “how is this done in FlatRedBall” but also “how should something be done in a larger project”.

Since these tutorials are meant for a more experienced user, we also won’t show exactly every step with images or animations. If you’ve done these tutorials listed above (and actually worked through them), then you should be ready to work through this set of tutorials.

Let’s start with an empty project. Mine will be called SuperMarioWorldTutorial.

If you do not see the Glue Wizard, you should create a new project. You may have an existing project open.

Glue Wizard

The Glue Wizard will speed up the development. We’ll run it and keep every option the default with the exception of setting the Player control as Platformer.

Leave all other options to their default, and click the Done button on the wizard.

Adding Solid Collision

So far we have a working game, but our character falls off the screen immediately. We’ll add solid collision to our Level1Map.tmx file.

The layout doesn’t matter too much at this point, we just want to get some ground that we can run on to test movement.

Adjusting the Player Start Position

We also need to shift the Player instance in our GameScreen so it starts inside the map.


Now we have the basic setup for a platformer. Next we’ll look into animations.