03 – Adding Ice and Water


This tutorial shows how to add ice and water collision. We’ll be setting up the TileShapeCollections for these two types of tiles, and creating collision relationships to control the interaction between the Player and these tiles.

Adding Tile Shape Collections

As shown in the previous tutorial, the Player already collides with the solid collision. This is automatically added by the Glue wizard, so we don’t have to do any setup for ground collision.

We’ll add ice collision first. To do this:

  1. Click GameScreen
  2. Select the Quick Actions tab and click the Add Object to Game Screen button

  3. Select TileShapeCollection
  4. Enter the name IceCollision
  5. Click OK

  6. Select the newly-created IceCollision object
  7. Click the TileShapeCollection Properties tab
  8. Click the From Type option
  9. Change the Source TMX File/Object to Map
  10. Change the Type to IceCollision

We’ll repeat the process above to create water collision:

  1. Click GameScreen
  2. Select the Quick Actions tab and click the Add Object to Game Screen button
  3. Select TileShapeCollection
  4. Enter the name WaterCollision
  5. Click OK
  6. Select the newly-created WaterCollision object
  7. Click the TileShapeCollection Properties tab
  8. Click the From Type option
  9. Change the Source TMX File/Object to Map
  10. Change the Type to Water

Creating Collision Relationships

Now our game has two new collision relationships: IceCollision and WaterCollision. This means that when our game runs, collision shapes are created based on the water and ice tiles, but we haven’t yet told the game how to handle collisions between the Player and these collision relationships.

First, we’ll set up collisions between the Player and IceCollision:

  1. Drag+drop PlayerList onto IceCollision
  2. Select the newly-created PlayerListVsIceCollision
  3. Click the Collision tab
  4. Change the Collision Physics to Platformer Solid Collision

We also need to create collision between the Player and WaterCollision, but this time we won’t set any Collision Physics.

To do this, drag+drop PlayerList onto WaterCollision.

Now if we run our game we can collide with the ice tiles.


Now our game has ice and water TileShapeCollections and collision relationships. You may have noticed that the ice currently acts identical to solid collision (bricks). The next tutorial will create new platformer variables for moving on ice and swimming in water, and will switch between them in response to collision.