Glue:Tutorials:Optionally Loaded Scenes


Optionally loaded Scenes are an important part of creating levels in a game. This article will discuss how to use optionally loaded Scenes so that a single Screen can be used as multiple levels. This article will specifically discuss multiple scenes; however the concept also applies to ShapeCollections and other level-specific files.

Difference between Scenes and Textures

The Optionally Loaded Content article discusses how to optionally load .PNG files and use them as textures on an existing Sprite. While the concepts presented in the Optionally Loaded Content article are similar to concepts here, this article will walk through the process of optionally loaded Scenes to highlight the differences and to provide a step-by-step for this common task.

The Setup

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with how to use Glue. This tutorial will use a project with a Screen called GameScreen.

Defining the Levels