Step-by-Step Game Tutorials

These tutorials walk you through creating a full game from scratch.

Beefball is a local multi-player game similar to air hockey. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating your first FlatRedBall project.


Rock Blaster
Rock Blaster is an asteroids-style game tutorial that covers using textures, entity states, rotation, and multiple players.


Starter Projects

Starter projects provide an already-functional game, showing a variety of FlatRedball features.

Star Blaster
Star Blaster provides a functional starter project for a shoot-em-up game.



Tile Adventure
Tile Adventure is a top-down tile-based game focusing on using the Tiled plugin.


Technology-Specific Tutorials

Technology-specific tutorials cover a single technology, typically

Tiled Tutorials

Learn to work with Tiled, the most popular tile map editing program.


Gum Tutorials

Use Gum to define and lay out powerful UI in your FlatRedBall game.


Animation Editor Tutorials

The AnimationEditor simplifies the creation of frame-flipping animations.