Introduction to FlatRedBall
This guide explores concepts in FlatRedBall. Start here if you want to know what it’s all about!


Step-by-Step Game Tutorials

These tutorials walk you through creating a full game from scratch.

Beefball is a local multi-player game similar to air hockey. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating your first FlatRedBall project.


Platformer tutorials

Combine Tiled with a platformer entity to create a platformer game.

Platformer Basics

Introduction to working with platformers in Glue.


Ground Type and Water Movement

Change platformer player’s movement in response to various ground types (such as ice).


Animation and Platformer Values

Control platformer animation and change values according to input (such as a run button and ducking).


Enemy Movement

Create enemy movement in a platformer game.


Multiple Players

Walkthrough of a local multiplayer platformer.


NPC Dialog

Walkthrough of creating NPCs with dialog boxes.



Walkthrough of creating doors to move between different parts in a level.


Climbing Ladders

Walkthrough of adding ladder climbing.


Moving Platforms

Platforming on entities with velocity.


Checkpoint and Level End

Checkpoints entities to respawn the player and midpoint and end of level entities for moving to the next level.


Dealing Damage

Create enemies which receive damage from player bullets.


Breaking Blocks

Add breakable blocks to your platformer game.


Wall Jumping

Wall sliding and jumping.


Technology-Specific Tutorials

Technology-specific tutorials cover a single technology, typically

Tiled Tutorials

Learn to work with Tiled, the most popular tile map editing program.


Gum Tutorials

Use Gum to define and lay out flexible graphical layouts in your FlatRedBall game for HUDs and other UI.


FlatRedBall.Forms Tutorials

FlatRedBall.Forms is a layer on top of Gum for creating standard forms UI such as TextBoxes and Buttons.


Animation Editor Tutorials

The AnimationEditor simplifies the creation of frame-flipping animations.



All Tutorials