Step-by-Step Game Tutorials

These tutorials walk you through creating a full game from scratch.

Beefball is a local multi-player game similar to air hockey. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating your first FlatRedBall project.


Rock Blaster
Rock Blaster is an asteroids-style game tutorial that covers using textures, entity states, rotation, and multiple players.


Starter Projects

Starter projects provide an already-functional game, showing a variety of FlatRedball features.

Star Blaster
Star Blaster provides a functional starter project for a shoot-em-up game.



Tile Adventure
Tile Adventure is a top-down tile-based game focusing on using the Tiled plugin.


Technology-Specific Tutorials

Technology-specific tutorials cover a single technology, typically

Tiled Tutorials

Learn to work with Tiled, the most popular tile map editing program.


Platformer Tutorials

Combine Tiled with a platformer entity to create a platformer game.


Gum Tutorials

Use Gum to define and lay out powerful UI in your FlatRedBall game.


Animation Editor Tutorials

The AnimationEditor simplifies the creation of frame-flipping animations.