PolygonEditor:Tutorials:Loading .scnx Files


The PolygonEditor can load .scnx files. These files are the standard way of representing collections of FlatRedBall objects including Sprites, SpriteFrames, and PositionedModels. The SpriteEditor is one of the many applications that can create .scnx files.

Loading a .scnx File

To load a .scnx file:

  • Select File->Load Scene
  • Select the file to load

The .scnx File will appear in the PolygonEditor.

Saving a .scnx File

The PolygonEditor does include the option to save .scnx files; however, .scnx files do not store any shape information!. In other words, if you have added polygons, circles, and rectangles while a .scnx is open, then you save the .scnx, the .scnx will not contain any of the added shapes. You must save either a .plylstx or .shcx file.