Glue supports creating objects of type ShapeCollection. You can create ShapeCollection objects two ways:

  1. From a .shcx file. To do this, first you must create a .schx file. For information on creating a ShapeCollection file, see this page. Once you have a ShapeCollection file, you can create an object using the “Entire File” option. For information on this, see this page.
  2. With no backing file. To do this:
    1. Right-click on Objects under a Screen or Entity
    2. Select “Add Object”
    3. Verify that “FlatRedBall or Custom Type” is selected.
    4. Select “ShapeCollection”
    5. Click OK

Adding Shapes to a ShapeCollection in Glue

ShapeCollections which are defined in Glue can have shapes added manually. The ShapeCollection serves as a “list” of shapes, but unlike normal lists in Glue, the ShapeCollection can contain multiple types of objects:


ShapeCollection in code

For information on how to work with a ShapeCollection in code, see the ShapeCollection page.