GlueView fully supports viewing states on Entities, Screens, and Objects. Screens and Entities must have their states set explicitly through GlueView’s menus, while states on Objects will automatically show up when viewing a Screen or Entity that contains the objects.

Setting States

States on Screens and Entities can be set through the tools window in GlueView. Setting a state has no impact on the Glue project or generated code – it is simply useful for previewing states. Note that you may need to collapse other categories or scroll down in the tool window to see the States UI in the GlueView tools window.


The States UI will automatically be populated with all states defined in Glue. You can simply select a state through the drop-down and it will automatically show up in the GlueView window:


State Categories

If a StateCategory has its SharesVariablesWithOtherCategories set to false in Glue then the category will appear as a separate drop-down in the GlueView UI.


Multiple states can be viewed simultaneously through these combo boxes.

Interpolate Between:

States can also be interpolated dynamically in GlueView as well. This can be done by selecting the “Interpolate Between:” options. This option expands the State UI to allow selecting two States and an interpolation to control how much of each state is shown.