Glue provides a Camera window which can be used to set the game’s resolution and various Camera settings. This can be accessed through the camera icon in the toolbar.

Keep in mind that when the game runs embedded in the FlatRedBall editor, the editor window may modify the resolution settings.


By default the resolution of the game is 800 pixels by 600 pixels.

This means that the game will appear at this resolution when running on the desktop.

Notice that the resolution defines the inner size of the game. On Windows, games with a title bar may be a little bit larger than the inner size.

The resolution also controls how much of the game world is visible. For example, if the game includes a grid of rectangles each sized 100×100, we can see that we can see 8 rectangles horizontally and 6 rectangles vertically.

This resolution can be changed in Glue by manually typing in a resolution value, or by using the dropdowns to select from a list of common resolution values.

Changing the values to 400×300 (from 800×600) results in the game running as shown in the following image:

Notice that the resolution impacts two things:

  • The size of the window (when running on desktop)
  • The visible area in game