AI Editor


The AI Editor (Artificial Intelligence Editor) is an application which can be used to create XML files that define “node networks”. These files can be loaded and used for pathfinding in the FlatRedBall Engine.

Note that the AI Editor is an older FlatRedBall tool requiring XNA 3.1 runtime.


To run the AI Editor:

  1. Download XNA 3.1 Redistributable from
  2. Run the XNA 3.1 Redistributable to install XNA 3.1
  3. Download the file from the Downloads page (you may already have done this and the next step if you have Glue)
  4. Unzip the
  5. Open the FRBDK folder created when unzipping
  6. Run AIEditor.exe

If XNA 3.1 is installed you should see the AIEditor: