02. Setup


The Rock Blaster tutorials will use Glue, so we will begin using Glue here. We will also be using Visual Studio to write our game logic. We recommend following along in GlueView as well, but it will not be necessary for this tutorial.

Creating a new project

The first step is to open Glue, which can be found under FlatRedBall under the All Programs item in the Start menu. To create a new project:

  1. Select “File”->”New Project”
  2. Select the Empty Projects category
  3. Select a Windows Desktop project
  4. Enter the name “RockBlaster” as your project name
  5. Select or type a location for your project (or leave the default)

  6. Click “Make my project!”

Your project should now be open in Glue:



That was easy! You now have an empty project that we will use in the following tutorials. You can verify that your project is working by double-clicking the .sln file, or selecting the “Project”->”View in Visual Studio” menu item in Glue, then running through Visual Studio. You should see an empty black screen.

Next we will set up the skeleton (the general structure) of our game.

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