01. Installing Requirements


Before we start creating levels with Tiled, we will need to install a few requirements.

1. FlatRedBall

First, we need to install FlatRedBall, which can be found on the FlatRedBall Download Page. You may already have this installed if you have have been working with FlatRedBall.

2. Tiled

Next, we need to install the Tiled program. Tiled is a free, open source, cross platform editor for creating tile-based levels. We will use Tiled to create levels which can include tiled layers, collision, and entities.

Tiled can be downloaded on the Tiled page.

3. Tiled Plugin

Finally, we need to install the Tiled plugin for Glue. This plugin will write much of the code required to load Tiled files (.tmx).

The Tiled plugin can be downloaded from the Tiled Plugin page on GlueVault.

  1. Download the TiledPlugin.plug file
  2. Open Glue
  3. Plugins -> Install Plugins
  4. Select the path for the plugin and click OK
  5. Restart Glue