FlatRedBall and Glue support game development on Android devices. This section will show you how to make FlatRedBall Android games.


FlatRedBall Android game development requires a Windows PC, XNA, and Glue just like regular PC game development. Visual Studio is necessary if you plan on creating PC/Android synced projects.

Since FlatRedBall requires using the C# programming language, FlatRedBall Android development requires using Xamarin. The Xamarin license for iOS and Android is free. For more information, see the Xamarin store page here:

An Android emulator is necessary for testing games on your PC. We recommend Xamarin’s Android Player (free) or the Genymotion emulator (free for non-commercial projects). Note that Microsoft also offers an Android emulator, but it requires a Pro/Enterprise installation of Windows, and Hyper-V capable hardware.

Primary Android vs. synced Android projects

Glue supports creating a primary Android project as well as a synced Android project.

A primary Android project refers to a situation where a single solution file (.sln) is created. This solution file can be opened in Xamarin Studio or in Visual Studio.

A synced Android project refers to a situation where two solution files are created – one for PC and one for Android. The PC project is developed as a regular FlatRedBall PC (desktop) project in Visual Studio. Glue will generate Android project, and it will keep it in sync with the PC project automatically.

Benefits to creating a primary Android project:

  • Shorter initial setup
  • Less hard drive memory usage
  • Simpler file structure

Benefits to creating a synced Android project:

  • Superior debugging support on PC platforms when compared to Android debugging
  • Faster execution of a project as compared to deploying to an emulator or physical device
  • Allows multiple team members to develop and run the project without installing Xamarin
  • Improved iteration speed through edit-and-continue and automatic content reloading at runtime.

For more information on Glue synced projects, see the Glue synced project page.

Creating a primary Android project

Creating an Android project is essentially identical to creating any other platform:

  1. Open Glue
  2. Select File->New Project
  3. Select the Empty Projects category
  4. Select the Android option
  5. Enter a project name
  6. Click “Make my project!”


Click the Visual Studio icon to open the project in Visual Studio:

Now that the project is in Visual Studio, you can develop an Android game the same as if you were making a PC game, including using Glue.

To launch the game:

  1. Open your Android emulator of choice (such as the Xamarin Android Player)
  2. Verify that the Play button in Visual Studio has the desired emulator selected. Note that if a physical Android device is connected to your computer and is set up for debugging, then Visual Studio will detect it as a deployment option.
  3. Press the Play button



Creating a synced Android project

Synced Android projects are created just like any other synced project. The first step is to create a regular Windows Desktop project. Once the project is created a new synced Android project can be created as follows:

  1. Open Glue
  2. Select File->”New Synced Project”
  3. Select the Android option
  4. Enter a project name
  5. Click “Make my project!”

A synced project will be created which can be opened in Xamarin Studio. It can be executed with the same steps shown above.