TreeViewItem is a selectable control used in the TreeView. TreeViewItem instances can be manually instantiated just like any control, or may be instantiated internally by the TreeView control.

Layout Requirements

The TreeViewItem requires:

  • An object named InnerPanelInstance of any type (typically a Container)

Typically the InnerPanelInstance has the following characteristics:

  • Height units depending on children
  • Stacks children vertically

ToggleButtonInstance and ListBoxItemInstance

TreeViewItem controls can optionally:

  • An object named ToggleButtonInstance which implements the Toggle behavior
  • An object named ListBoxItemInstance which implements the ListBoxItem behavior

If available, the ListBoxItemInstance is used to display selection, hover, and the backing data.

If available, the ToggleButtonInstance is used to display whether the tree view item is expanded, and to allow the user to expand/collapse the TreeViewItem.